LMAX Disruptor

part of kovenant-disruptor

The inter-thread messaging library LMAX Disruptor is well known for it's performance. Kovenant can be configured to tap into this performance and use LMAX Disruptor as the WorkQueue.


You simply configure Kovenant to use the Disruptor as follows:

Kovenant.context {
    callbackContext {
        dispatcher {
            concurrentTasks = 1
            workQueue = disruptorWorkQueue()

The WorkQueue created by disruptorWorkQueue() is Multiple Producer and Multiple Consumer safe. By default the created queue has a capacity of 1024 tasks. You can also specify a custom capacity by calling disruptorWorkQueue(capacity = 2048). Note that the Disruptor needs to have a capacity that is a power of two. If you specify a capacity that is not a power of two Kovenant will round up to the nearest power of two capacity.


If the maximum capacity of the Disruptor WorkQueue is reached the producers will block. So this is different to the default behaviour of Kovenant which is unbounded and non-blocking. The consumers follow the rules depending on the configured poll strategies