Android configuration

part of kovenant-android

Kovenant works just fine without any configuration but for Android the default settings are probably not best suited. Because by default, if there isn't any work left, Kovenant shuts down it's worker and callback threads. Normally this is just fine but on Android it's quite common to do some work on user input. That would lead to a constant creation and destruction of threads. That's not good for responsiveness nor for battery life.

So we need to keep our threads alive. That also implies we need to tell when to shut them down again. Kovenant introduces two convenience functions, startKovenant() and stopKovenant(), to keep threads alive and shut them down at the proper time again. This only needs to be done once per application.

So the recommended way to setup (and shutdown) Kovenant is by providing your own Application implementation:

class MyApplication : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {
        // Configure Kovenant with standard dispatchers
        // suitable for an Android environment.

    override fun onTerminate() {
        // Dispose of the Kovenant thread pools.
        // For quicker shutdown you could use
        // `force=true`, which ignores all current
        // scheduled tasks

Don't forget to properly setup your application in your AndroidManifest.xml:


        <!--activities etc.-->

Note that stopKovenant(force: Boolean = false) also has a force parameter that defaults to false. So by default all the queues are depleted. If you don't want this you can always use force = true to immediately shutdown the Dispatchers. stopKovenant never blocks though.

And just as a reminder, these are just convenience functions. You can always configure Kovenant manually.